Rita Ora, David Guetta & Imanbek (ft. Gunna)

‘Big’ is not just the title of the new Rita Ora and Imanbek collaboration, but also a descriptor of the sound. You have to hear this David Guetta assisted anthem, because it’s going to be the soundtrack of your post-Coronavirus dancefloors!

We know she’s been a little naughty of late, and some are not ready to reward that behaviour. But we are weak, we listened, and now we are in love with the whole Bang EP, which - similarly to ‘Big’ _ is an apt title for a collection of songs that go all the way off.

Dirty bass driven, this is the kind of anthem that you absolutely must strut to, wherever you are going, Imagine the world is your catwalk and put one foot in front of the other to this irresistible beat. We don’t care if you’re in the office, the doctors surgery or the street. The beat must be obeyed.

It’s all just so sexy. It’s fashion. It’s sweaty. It’s hot. And we love it.

There’s not much variation in the melody of the verses, it all sits in pretty much the same place in Rita’s voice, so it’s a surprise it is so incredibly catchy and captivating, but it absolutely works. In fact the somewhat monotonous vibes of the verses may be the absolute best part.

So go on. Grab a friend and be the ‘bad bitches coming in twos’ that Rita sings about. It’s your destiny.

For fans of: Tiësto, strutting like you’re on the main stage of Drag Race, the sexy side of breaking the rules.

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Bad Girl

Are you sick of men? Yeah, us too! And Daya is joining the party as she bemoans how bad men just can’t cut it - and you have to hear who she wants instead (we bet you can’t guess from the title!)

The track is a somewhat ethereal, but also sometimes slightly dirty, floating pop anthem telling her tale of how even leather clad men buying her drinks at the bar isn’t doing it for her anymore (and we have to say, on this bit, she’s mad, a free drink is a free drink babes)

The chorus is irresistibly catchy, with gorgeous falsetto accents, and it’s bound to be stuck in your head for some time. It’s a lovely juxtaposition that the lyrics are quite quickly fired out and feel impatient, but the backing music is very soothing, drawn out, it’s broad strokes taking their sweet time. It’s a contrast that really works.

Also great is the switch up as we approach the final moments where the cotton candy backing temporarily becomes a much darker synth canvas. It’s a simple pop song with a fair bit of repetition but there is much to admire in the decision making processes here.

For fans of: Dagny, giving up men for Lent if not longer, intelligent and atmospheric pop anthems.

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MK (ft. Raphaella)

A small handful of you asked for more ‘Pianthems’ and who are we not to deliver on that for you? A couple of years back they teamed up together to bring us the slightly dirtier, darker house hit One Night and now you have to hear their 2021 collaboration, Lies

It’s a bit peppier and a little poppier than the previous effort, but still with heavy Ibiza holiday feels, and honestly which of us right now is not absolutely longing for a beach, a bevvy and a boy (or a babe (or both)) on each arm?. Full sunshine vibes, very ‘poolside, arms in the air, forgot to put suncream on but that’ll have to wait three minutes thank you very much’. Piano stabs come in strong during the ever building bridge and stay for an explosive chorus that you’ll not be able to get out of your head.

‘Lying is just easier than hurting you’ is the main refrain sung beautifully by Raphaella in a song that is perhaps not as beautiful in spirit. ‘Lying with the liar’ is probably not something we want to aspire to but something some will be able to relate to.

But this is one of those songs that you might be too busy getting your life to to pay too much attention to the lyrics anyway. Full bodied, huge sounding, music-takes-over-your-body synth goodness.

For fans of: Sonny Fodera, dreaming of the day you can take that sunshine holiday again, not telling the truth.

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My Limb
Hayley Williams

Though there were glimpses of other influences in their discography, the songs of Paramore tended to be bold, brash, gutsy, loud and largely commercial. But today you have to hear lead singer Hayley Williams take us off the beaten track to a much quieter, more introspective place with the lead single from her somewhat surprise drop album FLOWERS for VASES / descansos

It speaks to an artists ability to command attention when a chorus consisting of a two word phrase repeated sixteen times is compelling, never boring and the antithesis of generic. Usually we might call it lazy writing, but the melody choices (and how incredibly sexy Hayley sounds when she sings it at its lowest) just make for required listening.

Set to a somewhat eerie backing that originally consists of simple guitar picks over a singular monotone note, it is about just what the title might suggest - losing a limb - and what happens if the part of ‘you’ that you’ve lost is in fact a significant other. ‘I guess we were collateral damage, kissing in the crossfire’ she sings, adding ‘don’t let go’ at various points in the background. It matches the tone of the music aesthetically in that it’s clear it’s written from a pretty dark place. It is the aftermath of a war zone - in song.

It’s somewhat of a puzzle, starting out very sparse, but by the end when the drums, piano and additional guitar are added with the interlocking backing vocals, a really full picture is painted. There’s build, but it’s always a restrained piece of art. Muted, but still absolutely powerful. The kind of thing you have to pay attention to, despite it never doing the most to reach out and grab you.

For fans of: Florence & The Machine, musical melancholy, singers who can show you every moment of the spectrum and do it well.

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what’s the point?

You might never have heard of beaux before, but you will almost certainly be able to relate to the lyrics of the song you have to hear today, an anthem for Coronavirus times that seems to chart the thought process behind life in lockdown.

It’s not as miserable as it sounds - far from it - there’s a strong tempo throughout, so we aren’t talking downbeat music to cry your eyes out to, but despite that, there’s a very chill vibe, everything quite smooth, a little muted, but still catchy.

It puts us in mind of New Light by John Mayer, a midtempo guitar jam with charm and replay value but without ever popping off or bashing you over the head. To call it background music would be very unfair, but to use it to soundtrack your day as you went on your way with things would be a delight.

Lyrically it touches on going for walks (check), having time to have baths instead of showers (check), and the general frustration of having to play the waiting game (check check check). We haven’t quite got our heads around what seem more personal references in the post chorus, but it is so laden in falsetto goodness that we can enjoy it anyway!

In fact, stick this on while you’re having one of those long baths.. and thank us later!

For fans of: Lauv, the musical equivalent of the smoothest peanut butter, letting all your COVID based frustrations out.

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