On & On
Sam Pearce

Are you ready to become acquainted with a new pop prince? Ready to replace ‘bing, bang, bong’ in your head every morning, noon and night? Well today you have to hear London based LGBTQ+ artist Sam Pearce’s highly catchy new single that’ll give you a shot of joy - sonically - and frustration - lyrically - for your Thursday evening.

The colourful explosions of Sam’s cover and background aesthetics are mirrored in the sounds here - big pop synth moments over deep, bassy production and percussion, paired with quieter more thoughtful moments. It’s a song that always feels upbeat but takes its chances to breathe, which allow the explosive moments to shine even brighter.

Lyrically it’s about the loop of making the same mistakes and never quite breaking the hold somebody has over you (‘I have learned my lesson…. but you’re still here somehow’ is both the best lyric and the best melody moment for us). That even though the person in question might be gone physically, doesn’t meant the same mentally - though Sam does vow to put himself first in the end.

There are so many lovely vocal moments - both Sam’s and otherwise. The depth in his tone as he sings the final verse (the tracks quietest moment) is a lush contrast to the choir of angelic female falsetto voices that sing us out, and Sam’s own foray into the higher ends of his voice on the lines ‘Do you need my attention?’ hears him uncover a gorgeous, quite unique tone that still packs the punch of a belt.

For a new independent artist, everything here is wildly impressive. From song, to production, to visuals, everything looks and sounds completely professional, impeccably thought out and expensive, honey and considering we are struggling to make a solid cup of coffee in the morning right now, we aren’t quite sure how he’s achieved that. But it is surely a sign of very bright things to come!

For fans of: Tom Aspaul, queer pop artistes taking over the world, taking the reins in your life back from some punk who tried to ruin it.

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