MK (ft. Raphaella)

A small handful of you asked for more ‘Pianthems’ and who are we not to deliver on that for you? A couple of years back they teamed up together to bring us the slightly dirtier, darker house hit One Night and now you have to hear their 2021 collaboration, Lies

It’s a bit peppier and a little poppier than the previous effort, but still with heavy Ibiza holiday feels, and honestly which of us right now is not absolutely longing for a beach, a bevvy and a boy (or a babe (or both)) on each arm?. Full sunshine vibes, very ‘poolside, arms in the air, forgot to put suncream on but that’ll have to wait three minutes thank you very much’. Piano stabs come in strong during the ever building bridge and stay for an explosive chorus that you’ll not be able to get out of your head.

‘Lying is just easier than hurting you’ is the main refrain sung beautifully by Raphaella in a song that is perhaps not as beautiful in spirit. ‘Lying with the liar’ is probably not something we want to aspire to but something some will be able to relate to.

But this is one of those songs that you might be too busy getting your life to to pay too much attention to the lyrics anyway. Full bodied, huge sounding, music-takes-over-your-body synth goodness.

For fans of: Sonny Fodera, dreaming of the day you can take that sunshine holiday again, not telling the truth.

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