Bad Girl

Are you sick of men? Yeah, us too! And Daya is joining the party as she bemoans how bad men just can’t cut it - and you have to hear who she wants instead (we bet you can’t guess from the title!)

The track is a somewhat ethereal, but also sometimes slightly dirty, floating pop anthem telling her tale of how even leather clad men buying her drinks at the bar isn’t doing it for her anymore (and we have to say, on this bit, she’s mad, a free drink is a free drink babes)

The chorus is irresistibly catchy, with gorgeous falsetto accents, and it’s bound to be stuck in your head for some time. It’s a lovely juxtaposition that the lyrics are quite quickly fired out and feel impatient, but the backing music is very soothing, drawn out, it’s broad strokes taking their sweet time. It’s a contrast that really works.

Also great is the switch up as we approach the final moments where the cotton candy backing temporarily becomes a much darker synth canvas. It’s a simple pop song with a fair bit of repetition but there is much to admire in the decision making processes here.

For fans of: Dagny, giving up men for Lent if not longer, intelligent and atmospheric pop anthems.

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