Dance For The Hell Of It

With a title that offers some sage advice for how to lift your mood in these difficult times, today we recommend to you Swedish powerhouse LOVA - you have to hear her guitar-pop ROMP of a new single.

Energetic and pacy from the off, the song deals with the issues of fitting in and the rituals we all go through in trying to get in with the ‘in crowd’ and find our place. Spoiler alert: don’t dim your own light or sacrifice your own uniqueness to be what you think you need to be - just be yourself, a theory LOVA backs up.

Boasting a voice with a grit in it’s deepest parts and a beautiful break in it during the falsetto moments, even her voice seems to lend itself well to the songs message of leaning into your uniqueness, and is a commanding presence as the song charges on. The breakdown moment with the spoken word ‘f**king hate this place’ provides a laugh and is a standout moment too. LOVA has character, can be brash, but also offers beautiful vocals and all of this is apparent across the whole Grown-Ish record.

Any song saying ‘just let loose and be yourself’ is a victory in our book but it helps that this is a catchy, hook led, guitar pop monster!

For fans of The Veronicas, saying ‘f**k it’ and doing it anyway, realising the cool kids don’t stay the cool kids forever.

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