This Is Heaven
Nick Jonas

Looking for a chilled out chunk of pop music that will have you with your hands in the air at the same time? Well, you have to hear the newest aural treat from the youngest (famous) Jonas Brother.

We all appreciate Nick as a fine hunk of man but we absolutely think he deserves more credit for his musical output - the likes of Teacher, Champagne Problems, Find You, Remember I Told You and Numb all deserve praise - and that’s without even considering his actual hits. So we know he can come correct - and he’s done so again here.

Nick’s new single is slinky and chilled but absolutely packs a punch, particularly in the gospel-tinged chorus. It’s a musically FULL production with a heap of layers that give us a strikingly detailed final product.

What is particularly striking about this is that - although there is no doubt about who is the lead artist - other players are allowed to shine, with Nick’s backing singers getting a chance to show off their vocal prowess, as well as an extensive (and sexy!) saxophone solo. The harmonies shared with the backing choir are highlights, and Nick allowing them to ‘outsing’ him is a sign he a) knows his own and their strengths and b) isn’t insecure about that.

It’s sunny, it’s bold, it’s also restrained when it needs to be, it’s laidback, it has confidence in its pace - and it sticks to it. We love it.

For fans of: Years & Years, poolside music that will also take you to church, hearing about other people’s happiness.

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