Long Distance

More upbeat pop for you today from LA’s JORDY, whose wish to find real love - even if it’s over the pond on the other side of the world - rather than a neighbour with no real interest is today’s song that you have to hear

The song does a few things we really enjoy - firstly, it’s proudly queer from the off, JORDY singing within the first five seconds ‘met a guy on the internet last week’ - and that’s refreshing. Maybe it shouldn’t be a point of note but it still feels special to hear artists using their authentic voice and stories. Second - it utilises intricate music and lyric to deliver quickfire verses with really satisfying rhyme schemes set to truly catchy melody (‘that it was useless - but the truth is, it was just another one of his excuses’) - construction that feels like it took real time and thought.

Thirdly, the production remains interesting throughout, sometimes just sparse bleeps, claps and bloops (official terminology), to the occasional DOUBLE CLAP (always a pop song hero) through to much fuller computerised backings that build as the song progresses. At times it sounds like it’s come from the future and could certainly never be accused of being generic.

JORDY’s voice is a sweet treat throughout, delivering strong falsetto on the onomatopoeic ‘loooooong distance’ and - though we hate to be unprofessional, we’re forced to be - he’s very easy on the eye too. A true new pop crush. The harmony moments are super cute, and the post chorus ‘I would rather be distant with you’ breakdown is the height of catchiness.

It’s a story we can relate to - being unluckier in love than we are in the Lotto, jumping on a plane at the first sniff of a hint of something special, and being prepared to take a punt if there’s ANY chance of something better than a local lad armed with nothing but excuses. We wish you well JORDY, both on the quest for love and with this bubbly pop banger!

For fans of: LAUV, knowing all the boys in your hometown are a no go, songs that sound like cotton candy.

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