what’s the point?

You might never have heard of beaux before, but you will almost certainly be able to relate to the lyrics of the song you have to hear today, an anthem for Coronavirus times that seems to chart the thought process behind life in lockdown.

It’s not as miserable as it sounds - far from it - there’s a strong tempo throughout, so we aren’t talking downbeat music to cry your eyes out to, but despite that, there’s a very chill vibe, everything quite smooth, a little muted, but still catchy.

It puts us in mind of New Light by John Mayer, a midtempo guitar jam with charm and replay value but without ever popping off or bashing you over the head. To call it background music would be very unfair, but to use it to soundtrack your day as you went on your way with things would be a delight.

Lyrically it touches on going for walks (check), having time to have baths instead of showers (check), and the general frustration of having to play the waiting game (check check check). We haven’t quite got our heads around what seem more personal references in the post chorus, but it is so laden in falsetto goodness that we can enjoy it anyway!

In fact, stick this on while you’re having one of those long baths.. and thank us later!

For fans of: Lauv, the musical equivalent of the smoothest peanut butter, letting all your COVID based frustrations out.

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