Lucy Spraggan

If you haven’t heard of or seen Lucy Spraggan since her appearance on The X Factor 9 (!) years ago, then you may be surprised by the change in her both aesthetically AND stylistically. This new single is a far cry from her guitar-backed, everyday, almost comedic output of back in the day, and it’s so good that you have to hear it.

It’s a strong, fast paced pop song with a catchy chorus melody and Lucy’s northern roots stamped into the sounds of the vocal. Lyrically, it appears to be about being capable of more than others telling you you are - with plenty of animal references to act as analogies. It’s a lyric about stepping out of the darkness and finding your power, and this seems to be an apt descriptor of her own story.

There’s big production, with elements that at times sound exotic/almost Eastern inspired and other times a little eerie, and it’s really nice to hear Lucy in this sort of setting with unusual backing as opposed to just an acoustic guitar. The whole song sounds so full, Lucy sounds strong, defiant and in control.

We defy you to not be singing ‘feed me to the lions, throw me to the wolves’ mere seconds after you’ve heard it. Earworms are not one of the animals that get a name check here - but maybe they should be.

For fans of: Paloma Faith, being able to hear accents and dialects in a vocal, Strong Ass Females Singing Strong Ass Songs.

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