The Program
Tom Aspaul & Funk LeBlanc (ft. Madeleine Wood)

Following up one of our top three albums of last year, the fabulous Black Country Disco, Tom Aspaul returns with a slice of the eighties from his upcoming remix album, and you have to hear how slinky and sexy it is!

‘I am the glitch in your program, I won’t be stripped of who I am’ Tom sings over a pulsating drum beat. It’s a song that could have various readings, touching on the ideas of being performing monkeys and being controlled by others - which could read as a letter to a record label. But what’s for sure is it’s core message of authenticity and not being robbed of what makes you unique.

It’s a really interesting lyric, particularly ‘the loudest voice - it has more to hide’, and we always appreciate a song that makes us think about what we are hearing.

On a purely aesthetic level, from the opening triple clap, it is a romp start to finish, but it does have layers, growing from a simple beat and bass verse (with lovely layered harmonies from guest Madeleine) to a more blossomed, fuller production in the pre-chorus and chorus double whammy. And (perhaps unusually for queer pop music?) even packs in a guitar solo for good measure. In a way, it doesn’t let up much - but in the best ways!

For fans of: Years & Years on an Initial Talk vibe, multiple melody ideas whacking you on the head one after t’other, Big Gay Disco Energy.

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