Black Hole

‘There’s a big black hole where my heart used to be, and I tried my best to fill it up with things I don’t need’ sings exciting pop newcomer Griff on the heartbreak anthem that you have to hear today - a lyric that continues a trend of relatable, gut punch levels of post-relationship longing.

It’s conversational, but it’s deep. It’s heartbreaking, but it’s casual. And there’s a great juxtaposition between the chirpy Casio Keyboard/Mario Video Game soundboard and the sadness in the lyrics (though there is a big moody bridge where the lyrics and the feeling intertwine) - like painting on a smile with clown make up.

The song puts us in mind of Ava Max - but with some restraint. What we mean by that is that this is pop music and unashamedly so, driven by strong melody, just with less of a ‘throw absolutely everything at it’ approach - a bit more subtlety, a bit more cool, but absolutely still a big pop record.

Off the back of breakthrough ballad Love Is A Compass, Griff is proving she can master multiple tempos, styles and moodboards - and we’re excited to watch her grow.

For fans of: RAYE, pretending that you’re over it and absolutely not being over it, exciting New Pop Females.

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