Don’t Speak
Dark Heart

If you took our advice yesterday to keep the weekend vibes going, you’ll be pleased to know that today’s recommendation sees us reliving Saturday nights in a basement club with a moody, dark dance anthem from Dark Heart that you have to hear

Led by a sultry male vocal through the verses, the chorus is mirrored by a female slash falsetto slash pitched up vocal which works to great effect. Where some house and dance tracks fall flat for us is that while there’s a great beat, there’s also a monotony, like a government cabinet minister giving a briefing, and it just doesn’t keep you excited. Here, Dark Heart paints with colour - resulting in a heavily melody driven banger, much to our delight.

Where the ‘I don’t wanna know, I don’t wanna know’ refrain on loop acts as the hook and an earworm, it’s the expansion on the same idea with the ‘I don’t wanna know where you’ve been, or you’ve gone’ chorus that proves super satisfying melodically. Playing out over a heavy bassline, this ticks all our relevant boxes and plays out like we’re bathing in music, the kind of song that is so big and full that you can feel it taking over you entirely.

There’s build, there’s bass, there’s the promise of a pint in hand in a pitch black party and we are here for all of it.

For fans of: Tiësto, dingy but amazing basement clubs where the music bounces off the walls, partying even though the world is going to shit

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