Weekend Vibe

Don’t want it to be Monday again tomorrow? Well, nothing we can do about that I’m afraid but what we can do is link you up with some people who feel the same! Keep the weekend chill going with this track you have to hear from Swedish duo Jubël!

It all starts on quite a simple acoustic level, just a JT-style ‘cool guy’ vocal over the plucking of guitar strings, but within seconds we are in driving down a coastline in the summer with your windows down (or with no roof on the car at all, treat yourself) territory. So fresh, so chill, so relaxed.

The twenty second mark sees the introduction of beat, of brass, of the bashing of keys, and we are up a notch. The track never goes into full kitchen sink mode, there is always an element of restraint that keeps things cool, it’s more ‘playing at a beach club’ than it is ‘all night rave’ but its upbeat, bright and made for sunny climes*.

*and if you can’t get there, then for blasting out in your flat on a Sunday evening while sat in front of the radiator.

‘Skip the Monday and Tuesday, right, I wanna stay on that weekend vibes’ might have been a better motto when we could more easily tell the days apart and they didn’t all blur into one, but it can be something we take into the latter half of 2021 perhaps - and may we emerge from our respective lockdowns as ice cool as this track!

For fans of: Charlie Puth on a dance music hype, things that are big, bold and brassy, being somewhere f*cking warm.

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