Pale Waves

Sounding like it’s soundtracking an early noughties rom-com and somehow managing to sound a bit like Andrea Corr belting out an early Avril Lavigne classic, you have to hear the latest ear candy from the wonderful Pale Waves.

There’s an angelic pop quality that doesn’t match the slightly grungy aesthetic - which makes everything all the more fascinating - and a euphoric chorus that bursts forth with brightness, hope and tales of love without limits. This is absolutely a song that many people will be able to call ‘our’ song. It has a beautiful innocence to it we just adore.

‘Oh my God, I don’t believe, how can it be? That you’re alive the same time as me’ is a lyric that probably we don’t often stop to ponder. We might think how lucky we are to exist in a time period with a great politician or musical legend, but how often do we thank our stars to be existing in the same era as those in our closest vicinity?

It’s a straight talking love song, set to the catchiest of guitar backings, with a huge explosion of positivity at its centre that sounds like it could come straight off the ‘She’s All That’ (insert any classic rom com here) soundtrack. You know, the part of any of those movies where theres a Prom scene and ‘the moment’ happens soundtracked by an upswell in music and mood. That. Truly.. what’s not to love?

For fans of: The Aces, first wedding dance songs that aren’t Ed Sheeran ballads, LGBTQ+ ICONS

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