Julie Bergan

We don’t know where Julie Bergan came from (well we do, Norway, but you know what we mean) but we do know one thing… we are super glad that she has arrived! And you have to hear her banging ode to taking charge (no, it’s not about popping to Aldi with no knickers on)

Production and delivery sounding both like she’s been doing it decades and simultaneously fresh as hell, the pop banger uses a distorted ‘eh eh’ vocal to act as the basis for the track (even in the chorus sounding like it’s part of a call and reply with Julie herself) which recalls dance bangers from the likes of MEDUZA but keeps an unashamed pop twist throughout.

Our favourite part is the acoustic guitar fake out before the second chorus, when you might be led to think there’s about to be a calmer moment, only to be smacked over the head with the full effects of the monster chorus seconds later.

It’s sexy, it’s slinky, it’s sultry and it’s ‘won’t waste no tears on old mistakes’ mantra carries a warning for anybody who doesn’t make the time for her that she deserves, a lead we could all follow. A lot to pack in for a track that clocks in at 2 minutes 20!

And at just 29 minutes we recommend you listen to the full HARD FEELINGS album because it all absolutely slaps!

For fans of: Scandipop, not being messed around by some little man, amazing things in little packages

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