Wild Youth
Champagne Butterflies

It’s the weekend, we all just want to chill out, so let us present to you the perfect pairing for your ears, an easy breezy funk-lite offering from Irish four piece Wild Youth that you have to hear.

Starting off as a fairly straightforward song - a declaration of love set to a restrained pop track (drums almost pulsing beneath the top line in the same way as if you were having a boogie in the alley outside the club), it hits a peak as early as the first chorus when the production hits its most sparse moment and the track is sustained by the most glorious multi-layered harmony vocal over a lone funky bass line.

Oh, the harmonies! This is really where the strength lies and what makes this group stand out, but the euphoric post-chorus explosion (that pretty much extends the finish line) sprinkled with liberal falsetto doesn’t harm either. We aren’t talking full Pentatonix here, if the phrase ‘acapella album’ makes you wish for mandatory self-isolation then you have no need to fear, but the vocals are strong and distinct enough to sound really solid in harmony and are paired intelligently with the music to allow them to really shine and be heard.

Bold, colourful, bright, unashamed pop music that doesn’t ever venture into fromage territory.

For fans of: Nick Jonas, playing that funky music white boys, popping a bottle for the flimsiest of reasons

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