Sword from the Stone

A change of pace today, and on the eve of achieving his fifth UK top 5 album, you have to hear this gorgeous new ditty courtesy of Passenger.

We’ve been fans of Passenger since the name represented a jaunty five piece with the release of 2007’s ‘Wicked Mans Rest’ - but one thing that’s always been a strong feature whether as band or solo artist is Mike’s inimitable vocal and the ability to tell a story with just guitar and voice.

This story is a classic, checking in with an ex, and seeing how they are getting by (‘both the cats say hi, I know they miss you too’). It’s relatable territory and all painted by the brushes of a beautiful, fragile falsetto vocal.

It’s hard to offer much comment other than to commend it’s simplistic beauty, there are no bells and whistles here, no crazy production techniques, just a man and his guitar with the occasional drum. But what does break through is honesty, heartbreak and resilience. And we’ve all had to be there.

For fans of: early days Ed Sheeran, songs telling the tale of the everyday, the man who grabs the guitar out around the campfire

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