Claudia Valentina

Ever had that booty call / middle of the night text and you swear you aren’t going there again buuuuuuuutttt….. well, Claudia Valentina has and you have to hear 4:15, her ode to initially saying no but getting that knock on the door anyway.

With hints of early Dua, this is dark, exciting pop led by a smooth, deep vocal. It all starts out quite sparse and slinky, and fools you into thinking it’s going to be all pretty laid back before a thunderous clatter of drums leads us into a true big pop chorus, but always with a huge helping of cool.

Notable moments include an earworm introductory synth riff as well as a pretty unexpected football reference ‘defensive.. like a left back’ - but while that feels a touch out of place, overall there are no own goals here! A confident, assured cut and yet it feels like there is plenty more in the tank for this young popstar, absolutely one to watch!

For fans of: Mabel, somewhere in the pocket between Ariana’s old and new styles, texts from your ex

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