Little Bit of Love
Tom Grennan

The latest cut from his upcoming album ‘Evering Road’, you have to hear the latest offering from Tom Grennan, a man with more gravel in his voice than a long driveway and a velour tracksuit aesthetic.

It’s for those reasons that you might not expect what we are about to say… but there is a Eurovision anthem just dying to get out here. Stay with us..

It’s the progression of the chords, it’s the positive ‘I’m needing a little bit of love, a little bit of love’ refrain. It’s the joy in a song that is ultimately a broken down relationship. There’s a gorgeous moment in the bridge where Tom’s solo becomes a glorious harmony laden joint effort almost akin to a small gospel backing choir. There’s strings. There’s piano backing that puts us firmly in mind of ‘Don’t Stop Believin’. Honestly this song has more build than a government housing target and if you could bear to lop off half a minute, it would fit the bill to a tee.

Whether Tom would want to accept his new track would be a perfect Eurovision entrant is another story, but whichever stadiums he is intent on playing, with a ‘drop out and clap along’ chorus before the power backings all come together for the last hurrah, this is a song that could absolutely fill them.

For fans of: Dermot Kennedy, songs born to be played in a stadium, a tinge of gospel in your life

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