Sad Songs
Route 94 ft. L Devine

Released months back but now getting something of the spotlight with a radio push, you have to hear this Pianthem (TM) from producer Route 94 and English singer-songwriter L Devine, whose family name could easily be a descriptor for her stunning vocals.

It will come as no shock when you learn that the lead refrain is ‘I just wanna dance to sad songs’ that this a tears on the dancefloor affair that is equal parts a) piano ballad rave and b) bassy, belted full on banger - bridged by delicate, breathy vocals as the beat kicks in.

Described as a heartbreak anthem, but displaying a sense of optimism and euphoria, we could all use a bit of this energy in making good out of the bad at the moment!

For fans of: Kim Petras, crying at the discotheque (the activity), electronic but emotional.

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